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Nanci Nickelson - Created The Magical World of Startheria mythology and characters. Nanci is the art director for the web site and Web/TV series. Nanci conceived the world of Startheria to enhance the quality of children's llives and she collaborates with all of the talented team members.

Artists - Our brilliant character illustrators have done creative work for Disney, Hasbro and PBS and many other well known intellectual properties. We are honored to have them as part of our creative team and they have worked closely with Nanci to bring the characters from Startheria to life. They have a design studio that has been doing artwork for over twenty years. They provide everything from concepts and digital illustrations, to character development, and logo design in a variety of styles. 

Erik Arbores - Erik is our music child prodigy. Erik was born in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) on August 4, 1997 and presently lives in Schiedam (close to Rotterdam). Erik loved making music and dancing when he was young. Erik started playing piano and at the age of about 7 and started improvising on the piano. When he was 10 he composed a piece for piano and started experiencing with producing and arranging music in the computer in the summer holidays of 2009. Erik likes making many kinds of music: especially electro, house, trance/dance etc. but also likes making classical music and often does remixes of famous tracks. Erik is also interested in mathematics and physics and skipped 1 class in elementary school and 3 in high school. Next year Erik will be doing his exams and after that will be attending (the technical) university of Delft, studying mathematics and physics. Erik is currently getting some lessons at the university on Physics and in training for the national final of the Mathematics Olympiad which will be in September 2010.  Listen to Erik's Avatar music

Phil Harnage - Phil edited The Magical World of Startheria Animated TV Series Bible and gave the company valuable input on the character development as well as the back story and series concepts. Phil also did some writing for the book series Startheria. He began writing for animation in 1982 with Bill Cosby’s "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids."  Since then, he has developed more than 75 animated television series, specials and home videos—and that’s just counting the ones that actually got produced! Animated movies include “Madeline in Tahiti” (Disney), “Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever” (DIC/Mainframe), and “Young Doctor Dolittle” (Waterman Entertainment).  He has also had one live action feature produced (“Banzai Runner,” starring Dean Stockwell). Phil has written and/or story-edited and/or story-consulted on over 600 individual animation episodes, ranging from purely educational to purely entertaining.  He holds the world record for longest continually employed animation staff writer (DIC Entertainment, 1986-2004).Phil has received four Emmy nominations, including "Fat Albert” (two years running), “Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century” and “My Fair Madeline” (Nick Movietoons).  He received a Humanitas Certificate for writing and developing "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" and is a member of the Writers Guild of America, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and BMI.   

Flash Artists - We also have a flash artist that has been working as a videogame artist for the last 9 years and currently works for Sony Computer Entertainment as a senior environment artist and has been creating flash animation and design for approximately six years. He started out doing airbrush illustrations almost 15 yrs ago and eventually converted over to computer-generated art.